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Event Planning


What is event planning? ArtHub, while not certified by either CSEP or CMP, knows Santa Fe well enough that we can assist with any of the following tasks related to organizing an art event in Santa Fe, NM: 

  • Conducting research
  • Creating an event design
  • Finding a site
  • Arranging for food, decor and entertainment
  • Planning transportation to and from the event
  • Arranging any necessary accommodations for attendees
  • Coordinating the activities of event personnel
  • Supervising at the site
  • Conducting evaluations of the event

How many of these activities you may need will depend on the size and type of the particular event you  wish. 

To Be Included in Our Events

If you have questions about an event that we are planning, especially to be included as a featured artist in future events, contact us. We also can provide consultations on venue contracts, scheduling, and permitting.

Event Management

Planning an event is only part of the process. We will make sure that everything goes smoothly with your event. We know how to anticipate problems before they happen, leaving you free to enjoy your festivities.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

View some of our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding event planning by ArtHub!.

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Increase Your Fanbase

Interest in learning how to increase the exposure of your website, your event or your social media presence? Start with a market evaluation from the pros who can evaluate your current marketing and identify opportunities to grow your following. We can help with creating a plan to provide direction when it comes growing your fanbase on and offline. Contact us today at


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Canyon Road Digital Map


Save Time, Get Matched

Save time by using our filterable maps and directories to find the shortest path to the art based on style, medium, events and more! View a filterable digital map if you'd like to get matched and find the shortest distance....

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Canyon Road Directory


Save Time, Get Matched

Browse with a picture based directory where you can filter by your personal preference with quick access to directions and ride services. Not only can you filter and find locations based on your taste, share and save your filtered list with just 2 clicks.

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Digitize Your Gallery

“New Trends in Interactive Experiences”

Learn about how NFC tags are changing the way we can direct visitors to multi-media with a single tap of their mobile phone

Make Your Gallery Interactive! A Visitor Taps Their Phone Next to an Art Piece, Instantly Displayed on Their Phone Are Buttons to 'Learn More', 'Share' to Social Networks, Hear 'Audio' Narration From the Artist, and a Button to Learn More About the 'Artist'. A Message Says, 'Free Glass of Wine When You Share and Tag Us on Instagram!'

In just the past year, most of all modern mobile phones are equipped with technology to change the way we experience events. Being able to tap items to digitally collect, share, and interact with content is now possible to the majority of all event goers. Survey visitor interest while bringing a new way to make your next event memorable. NFC makes connecting with your fanbase on and offline has never been more affordable at less than $1 a piece. Many options, here is an example of an online seller. Buy NFC Tags Online, Art Hub of Santa Fe can make it easy to download content to any NFC tag. Whether you want to quick link users to a social media contest, booth information, or online content relating to a particular product or service, we can make it happen. If You'd like to learn more about NFC or any of our event solutions, please message us at or on social media on Facebook