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Featured Art Resource: Zachary and Sons Homes

When it comes to the virtual Santa Fe Parade of Homes 2020Santa Fe home builder Zachary and Sons made a splash at the event by displaying superior craftsmanship online coming aways as the SFHBA People Choice Award Winner. If your interested in finding a new home in one of the most COVID safe states that has one of the best small towns to live in the US, Zachary and Sons are scheduled to have listings on display for the spring of 2021, with one speculative home for the Parade of Homes 2021.  The Parade of Homes is always a target for many Canyon Road galleries, interior designers, as well as artists to display their work to a key target market of tens of thousands of high-end buyers in a two week period.

While Zachary and Sons help educate potential buyers on the steps to build a home in Santa Fe, the Parade of Homes commands thousands per day viewing some of the best designs in hundreds of disciplines.  As most professional artists know, some of the best ways to sell art is having it hanging in a well-designed home. Next time you think about looking for a resource to hang your art in Santa Fe, think not only of galleries, restaurants, and coffee shops - perhaps someone connected to real estate may be closer than you think!

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Where Can I Hang My Art in Santa Fe,NM?

Are you interested in learning more about how to display artwork in high-end real estate and the Parade of Homes 2020? Contact us by clicking here to learn more.