Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1


(Q)How would I go about registering for consideration as one of the featured artists at one of your events 

(A) Reach out to us through will consider any and all artists Note that we will look for different disciplines depending on the theme of the upcoming event.

Customer Question #2


(Q) Why do you think ArtHub is different  than any other art exhibitor?

(A) There are many more Artists in Santa Fe than there are venues for them to showcase their art. We bring together several of the social circles...especially those that are active collectors...wrap it up in a great, fun atmosphere...and provide a  memorable experience for all those participating.

Customer Qustion #3


(Q) What other events are you planning for this year?

(A) Please stay tuned that info will be released shortly...but put Friday, June 21st on your calendar. See our "Events" page.