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Gateway is one of the nation’s largest, privately held mortgage companies and the reasons are clear. We are a community-focused lender that understands the American Dream of Home ownership deserves a robust selection of products, competitive pricing and state-of-the-art technology that complements the customer’s experience.

Your Santa Fe Gateway office contains some of the industry’s finest mortgage professionals who are dedicated to you, your home and your community. They share Gateway’s belief and commitment to strengthening communities through home ownership while taking an active role in helping those who are less fortunate.   Our n office promises to provide smart solutions, fast answers and timely communication while making your experience easy and enjoyable.

They stand ready to show you how The Gateway Experience is different.

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Tamale's....New Mexican Soul Food! Not just for Christmas anymore!


Little Flower Foods of Santa Fe is a small,  but ever-growing,  local company. Local in origin, history and products.  Although we officially began operations in 2017 the Little Flower has been cooking and perfecting her recipes for over 30 years. 

Little Flower Foods specializes in gourmet Blue and White Corn Tamales...in many flavors and varieties...please see our menu page.  Experience our love affair with the culture and foods of New Mexico. 

We don't seek to be the biggest...we do pride ourselves on serving the best .

Try a dozen of simply the best Blue and White Corn Tamales in Santa Fe! 

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Being prepared with life insurance is smart and easy.

Learning about the protections and benefits life insurance offers is easy. And it’s the smart thing to do. Life insurance can protect the ones you love and be the foundation of your financial plan. New York Life offers both term and whole life insurance at a price that works within your budget. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re backed by one of the strongest, most financially secure companies in the industry.*

Find out what so many others already know: when it comes to being good at life, New York Life is the smart and easy choice.

Serious about buying life insurance, Annuities, Long-Term Care Options? Want more information? Contact Agent Kevin Weir (505-577-6967)--- the consultation is free.


 Long-time New Mexico MMJ maven Lynn Goodman and his son Eli opened the doors of Best Daze a couple years ago, one of Santa Fe's best dispensaries and one of the few located on the Southside. In addition to the standard flower, edible and topical fair, Eli also claims that Best Daze is the only store in the state to offer "nannobis," which is, he explains, "micropartical cannabis [that yields] higher potency, faster onset, and longer-lasting effect." Lucky for Santa Fe'ans.  

The edibles at Best Daze are strong across the board...from gummies  cannabis-infused chocolate disks. The latter come in a range of delicious flavors, from dark chocolate and espresso with an added kick from a sativa infusion to a white chocolate and strawberry paired with indica. There's even a selection of donuts that come with either a strawberry or chocolate glaze—seemingly expensive for a donut, but reasonable given the secret ingredient. It tasted delicious, but hands-down a favorite specialty item involved the dispensary's unique "nannobis," a delivery system that involves a nano-sized emulsion of THC. These were flavored "potsicles" which come in a variety of strengths and flavors. The benefits of nannobis are enhanced therapeutic effects and a minimized hangover, and most found it took effect much quicker (within a half hour as opposed to two hours) and people wake up the next morning brightly and easily with no grogginess. Since nannobis loses its potency at temperatures higher than 90 degrees, the popsicle method of delivery compliments it perfectly. 

It may be a little out of the downtown-area but the product and staff make it so worthwhile.

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 Formed by seasoned business executives to build a consumer-centric but business-favorable operating system/App that allows CannaCreative to be in the middle of the three legs of the business stool that is the marijuana/CBD business today: the dispensary operators, cultivators, and consumers. Providing value to each entity. 

CC is currently improving our so-far select customers’ business to improve upon their operating performance through better analytics and our prowess to slice & dice the accumulated data that is developed from customer interaction and education to allow cannabis owner to rapidly increase both existing and accumulate new customers to generate solid and steady revenue streams and thus improve attractive investment returns  

While budtenders are the most influential source of education leading to purchasing decisions, there are few tools that help customers and businesses collect, share and monitor this information.

StrainGO increases shareable knowledge from trusted sources using our software platform designed to help consumers as well as cannabis businesses find, share and collect cannabis information from experts, online connections and events.

StrainGO.com: End the Cannabis Confusion!

Stay Tuned---Soon to be doing business in New Mexico.

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Many thanks to artist Dominic C. Arquero of the Cochiti Pueblo for his kind donation of a numbered print to our event for our guest drawing. 

Dominic is a well-known Native American artist of watercolors, acrylics, painted hides, as well as being a consultant regarding Native American art.  

Thank you Dominic!

The White Party.... Friday, June 21st

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